About Alphedra


Alphedra advises and supports the financial industries key players. Alphedra brings best-in-class technologies and hands-on skills for an optimal IT landscape, supporting core business processes.


Alphedra is positioned at the confluence of the information technology strategic vision and its implementation, covering financial, organizational, functional and technical axes. A business value-based analysis method allows the prioritization of projects within the IT transition program, underpinning the strategic decision-making process and steering the roll-out of the different steps from project sizing to go-live.

Alphedra DNA – Philippe Affannato

Can you tell us more about your experience?
I am convinced that we keep on learning throughout our professional careers. My own path was punctuated by back-and-forth moves between software vendors – Mysis, Bi-Sam, SimCorp – and financial institutions – AXA IM, UFG IM, MMA Finance, Groupama AM, HSBC AM. I bring knowledge of day-to-day activities and problems frequently experienced by software clients, and a skill set of methods, tools and techniques to support financial institutions IT decision making.

When and why did you decide to create Alphedra?
I created Alphedra in January 2007, with the ambition to answer demand of computational power needs for financial calculations with specific, so-called “massively parallel” infrastructure. At that time, I walked the innovation path following Nvidia, who just released the first Tesla GPU boards to the market. I was convinced that the need was there, and that the created value could be huge.

How do you perceive your company facing your clients and your competitors?
I do not see competitors. I see partners instead. Alphedra is positioned in a niche sector where our technology expertise is well known. We bring to other consulting companies a hands-on skill set outside their competence domain. With our clients, we are partners too, working closely together thanks to our deep understanding of their business processes, regulatory constraints, project management best practices, solution market offers and technical expertise.

What about Alphedra positioning in its market?
Alphedra focuses on quality first. Our team members are chosen for their human values, their service-centric mind-set, and their expertise level whether business and / or technical. We work both with our direct clients and with our partners – integration partners, consulting companies, software vendors – when our expertise is needed.

What is Alphedra’s market niche?
We want to answer our client’s needs with different approaches, whether answering a genuine need to reduce a particular calculation routine, to steer implementation projects or to bring guidance toward a technological innovation strategy. Our clients are essentially asset management companies, insurance companies and banks.

What are the future projects you foresee at Alphedra?
Our development project is straight aligned to fintech. Our technological hands-on skillset, mainly GPU calculation, underpins todays best-in-class deep neural network frameworks and libraries. These computing techniques, known for decades but affordable only now, open the doors to an unprecedented potential of business value creation to fund managers, investment officers, business team leaders or compliance and risk officers in various domains such as investment decision-making, team backups, or fraud and market abuse detection.

How do you perceive financial markets today?
It is now well known that the finance in general, and asset management in particular, faces today both an internal competition, where big players rely on their scale factor to pressurize management fees, and external competition, where fintech newcomers are real game changers, easing access to individual investors for example. In this context, and whatever the financial market conditions, the financial institutions must do more for less. Business process automatization and cutting-edge technological innovation exploitation are the keys to the mandatory evolution that the financial industry players should accomplish to stay competitive.