Case Study: Project Management of an « all-in-one » Asset Management Tool

A client asked us to drive the implementation – from sizing to go-live – of an “all-in-one” asset management solution, which supports all of the core functional processes of the business.

We worked with the software vendor and reviewed of the project size, challenging when necessary the assumptions and outcomes based on our internal benchmark of similar projects in the same industry.

We implement the project governance, organization and planning, taking into consideration the building blocks of the solution, the pitfalls to avoid and the risks. We worked to obtain strong involvement of the end-users during the projects critical phases. As often as possible we roll out a hybrid methodology with Agile prototype phases coupled with V-cycle or Unified Process industrialization phases.

The end-users embedded within the project team quickly identify the gaps early in the project. The higher risks are covered first. The whole project focus is on delivering a high-quality solution with strong control of the budget and the timeline.